Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Musical Bedrooms

Well musical rooms is well underway here now and to a functional completion point. Maddie is resting peacefully in her new room that was once the playroom. We were able to get a large amout of the basement organized and cleaned out this past weekend. Carpet has also been laid and the kids are enjoying the play area.

Monday, May 11, 2009

House projects

Over the last week we have been cleaning out our back yard and making it better and larger to spend time in. We moved a fence that was in our side yard from the back corner of the hosue to the front coner. This alone made the yard look huge. We also took down 5 pines that were killing the grass and not letting enough light in. Now the backyard feels like it doubled in size. This was all done in prep of the idea of putting the house on the market next spring. On Sunday morning when Joel and I were finish a few small things we started talking and both agreed we didn't want to move now that we had done so much work.

So the next step was to figure out how we can make our house work longer. We have a 3 bedroom house that doesn't have a lot of indoor entertaining space. We really want another bedroom for Maddie and want a family room. We both agreed we could take and turn the playroom/den area into a bedroom for Maddie. Down the road we'll try and sell it as a office/study or bedroom. We are going to put up some french doors that will lead into her room and she will share the huge walk in closet in Allie's new room. We are also going to move the playroom into the basement and turn the space into a family room with a play area.

We are so excited because we had all of the details figured out in how it would work in less than an hour. We have even gotten paint picked out, new bedding for Maddie, and placement of toys and other bedroom stuff planned out as well. Maddie will go into the playroom, Allie will go into what is Logan's room now, and Logan will go up to what is the girls room. This will make nap time better for Logan this summer as well.

So what's next? Well this week I will be moving things around and maybe even doing some painting. It's just crazy because we hope to have Maddie at least sleeping in her new room by this time next week. Hopefully by the end of Memorial day weekend we will either be ready to make up the space in the basement or really close. We are so excited because this will allow us to stay in this house much longer and over the next few years do some other great improvements. We want to redo the main floor bathroom and we also hope to eventually redo the kitchen. With not selling and going up to a bigger more expensive house we can afford to do these things but also make it worth more to sell!!!