Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go away Sickies!!!

Well just when we thought Allie was doing better we found out we were way wrong. Before we took her to the Doc yesterday to get a check on how her lungs were doing I went to take her temp. The right ear was a little over waxy looking (nothing new here) so I cleaned it out and she seemed fine. Well I went to put the thermometer into her ear she started screaming and shaking. I was like oh you have to be kidding me... she is on her 3rd set of tubes and we had finally been doing well. By the time we got to the docs she has puss ozzing out of her right ear. They both were pink and perfect on Friday. The left one was fine and looked great.

Well my guess is if looked at today she wouldn't say that now... it's ozzing chunks of puss. Thank goodness our ENT has a refillable ear drop at our disposable at all times otherwise we'd be a mess here for days.

When we were at the docs yesterday she tolds us that ear infection can sometimes come on in hours. You can look at them say at noon one day and they can be perfect and 6 hours later they are finally showing the signs you knew where going to be there because of how the child was acting.

So the story doesn't end there..... Logan is coming down with this same crude. And Maddie is almost finally over it. She has had it for almost 2 1/2 weeks now. Unless they get a bacterial type infection too there is nothing that can be done. What a horrible week to have 2 really sicks kids. Joel is in beautiful California right now. Please someone come hold my cranky baby.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Allie is very Sick...

I decided to take Allie into the Med center this morning. Normally we go to the Docs but I won the award for the worst mother of the year with Maddie this morning when I forgot about a huge art thing at her school this morning so I made plans to pick her up and see the art then.

Allie has been running a temp around 102-103 for almost 3 full days now along with a funcky cough, runny nose, and allergy symptoms. So I get her to the Med Center and the Nurse Practioner runs the tests and is baffled at first because her lungs are clear for now and her ears were great and throat was just a little red. She did find huge lymph nodes and then she heard the cough. She was completely thrown back by it and thinks now that Allie has a viral induced asthma. But she is also concerned for her temp that doesn't seem to be budging and that her cough could get worse. So I'm on my way to get a nebulizer and meds.

The hope is that by tomorrow her fever has broken and the cough is better if not we've been told to get her into the ER. What sucks is this is the busiest weekend I think since my wedding. I really hope and pray that things do get better for her because I want my happy Allie safe and healthy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A sad Day....

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of emotion.... I thought that right now I'd be shouting from the mountain top of the joy of a new puppy in our home. But instead I've broken my girls hearts and the puppy is back at the rescue foster home

The puppy we found was at Petco yesterday morning and he was 10 weeks old. He was so beautiful and we fell in love instantly. We brought him home and at first it was going great until we turned our heads for 2 seconds and we found him on top of Logan thinking they were littermates. He did not scare or even hurt Logan at all and at first it was kinda of cute funny. But the more he played near Logan the more we realized he thought that Logan was a littermate and not a baby. This scared me huge time and made me realize that even though he was perfect for our family and even almost house trained the timing might be off by 6 months. So I called the lady that we got him from and asked what we could/should do. The decision came down to the big what if I turned my back because Allie is almost potty trained but stills needs the occasional run me to the potty so I can make it and Logan got hurt on complete accident because of the innocent puppy how would I feel then. I was heartbroken with how I realized how it made me feel because I know that if we had found Teddy 6 months later we would have a best friend for life.

We took Teddy back and we really need some prayers for some healing right now because we are all hurting because he stole our hearts and the thought of him not in our home is killing me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Right now I have another blog going that is a way for me to just talk mommy and nothing but mommy. I started a new thing on there today and thought to myself that it would be worth sharing here as well!!! I also hope to use that blog to review products that have to do with my life as a mom. (Also Known As "Mom")This blog will remain my personal journey...well beyond being "mom" but also a wife, child, believer, and so much more. Now onto my first Wordless Wednesday post:


(This was taken August 2006)

This picture truly takes the words right out of my mouth... it leaves me wondering where the last 1 year and 9 months have gone and when did my Baby bear grow up??? Once again Happy 3rd Birthday Allie!!!

Weight loss

It has been a while since I talked about my weight loss journey... the good news is that I haven't really strayed from the 162 that I was at back in Jan. However my goal of reaching 152 by Allie's birthday was obviously not met.

So here is my plan of attack... first I'm going to start back on using the Slim fast Online diary and aim to keep an average of about 1500 Calories a day. This is actually not too horrible when I keep to foods high in fiber and other things that fill me up for the least amout of cals. Yesterday went really well and I ate quite nice I must say. Just to give you an idea of what my 1500 calorie looked like here is my meal info from slimfast:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 3/4 cup with 1/2 cup milk x 1 1/2

Snack #1
Grapes, fresh: 1 cup
Chips Deluxe 100 Calorie

Lettuce: romaine, chopped, 1 cup x 1 1/2
Meijer Chicken breast Frozen Brown Bag
Northern Italian Lowfat dressing 2 tbsp

Snack #2
Chiquita Banana
Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bar

Mayonnaise: lo fat, 1 tsp x 3
Subway Turkey wheat w/ Lettu, Tomat, & Amer Cheese x 1 1/4
Lays Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat ~18 chips x 1/2
Munchies Snack Mix 3/4 cup x 1/2

Snack #3
Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop Butter Half Bag

And here are the total Stats for the day:
Actual 1,550 Target 1500
Calories from Fat
Actual 340 Target 280 - 530
Total Fat
Actual 37 g Target 31 - 58g
Saturated Fat
Actual 7 g Target <= 17g
Actual 115 mg Target < 300mg
Actual 2,670 mg Target < 2400mg
Total Carbohydrate
Actual 232 g Target 169 - 244g
Dietary Fiber
Actual 30 g Target >= 25g
Actual 82 g Target * ??? not sure what that means??
Actual 70 g Target 38 - 131g
Vitamin C
Actual 70% Target 100%
Actual 60% Target 100%
Actual 190% Target 100%
Actual 80oz Target >= 64 oz

Now part two is to spend at least 45 mins doing work around the house and getting out for a 30 min walk when ever the weather permits each day. I hope that once again I see great sucess with this and then maintain.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm back up and running!!!

Wow it's really funny how I always say I'm going to start blogging and then I still mess it up. Well I really hope to make a change now. Granted I have a great excuse as my laptop died and I had to use a desktop up in our master bedroom for a few months. This past weekend Joel got me a new laptop and I am now able to get back at things.

As part of my weight loss journey continuation I am going to blog all about it atleast once a week, but also all of the neat things going on in the house here too. So much has been happening that I really need to get better about sharing it all, not just for you all to read but to put out there for others to read too!!! Tonight alone I'm going to add 3 new blogs...once the kids are in bed that is.