Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camping and our new Camper!

We are so loving our new camper.  We have only been able to get out in it the one time so far and it was before the fateful foot breaking event.  However even with my broken foot we are hoping to get out again at the end of August. We have reservations at a place in silver Lake called Silver Creek.

 Hobbling around our camper is actually easier than here at home and who knows by then I might be able to start putting a little weight on it.  The place we are going has paved roads and even a paved pad to pull the camper into and even to set up the dining area.  The rest of it is a beautiful lawn.  Just looking forward to stuff like that makes the time I’m spending on the couch not so bad.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My football career is...

officially over LOL. I had a second opinion today and I am so glad I did it. It was an emotional one but so informative. The doctor explained everything to me right down to the type of joint I did indeed dislocate and most likely ripped the ligaments (on top of the 3 metatarsal bones and 2 of the ones that they are jointed together with ). I pushed them back in quite well only one of the joints is off by a tiny millimeter which is not a huge concern.

I was presented the option to find out of my ligaments were ripped for 100% but I would also have to have metal wires put in. The pros and cons for me were that if I didn't have it done I could more easily re injure it. (Not a huge huge risk though) I also would never be able to play intense sports ever again. Not a huge deal because I wasn't before and I probably should never run on it. I've thought about trying to start running again but it always has an excuse and still might not be made better by this route. The cons were that I'd have metal wire sticking most likely out of 4 of my toes where they would stay 4-6 weeks and could have infection problems. I'd also have to be done Breastfeeding. No full showers while having the wires and it would probably be uncomfortable with the wires in too. It may not fix the millimeter the joint is off. This can not guarantee that I might not need my joint bones fussed together if they start to cause me problems down the road.

The other option is this cast I have now it's a air type cast and I can take it off to move my ankle and to sleep at night as long as I feel my foot feels safe with a wrap on it. Pros are no surgery, can keep breastfeeding, and my pain level will continue to get better. Also it will heal in about the same amount of time. Cons if I do re injure myself I'll have to go another 4-6 weeks and consider the surgery again. The little millimeter that one of my little joints are off will never get fixed. I should never run again but can do low impact exercise (elliptical, swimming, and walking).

After much thought and tears I have decided to give the no surgery route... If for some unexplainable reason I hurt myself again we would 100% get the surgery. I am so happy that I got a second opinion done and will only see this guy from here on out. He cared about me and what I needed to get through this. Oh yeah and I'm not looking at 3 months before I can start putting weight on it. In about 6 weeks I should be able to start working with it

Friday, July 18, 2008

Foot update

Yesterday I went to see the Orthopedic surgeon and right now everything looks aligned and I do not need surgery for now. However if any bones move within the next week before my next set of x-rays then we will be discussing surgery for sure. If I get the clear again next Thursday I'll go in every two weeks for x-rays. I pray that we continue to get the no surgery thumbs up and that I learn to adjust to this new air cast I was given last night. It's much heavier than the split and I was in a lot more pain overnight. Thank goodness for modern medicine and pain meds!!!

The three bones that I broke are the middle metatarsals and 2 other little ones below them. There is also a chip off from my large toe metacarpal and a couple of other spots but those are not a huge concern. The Orthopedic said this is a very serious break and I am very lucky not to need surgery at this point. I also found out that I will not be allowed to weight bear for at least 3 very long months. Anyone want a cute little 11 month old baby boy? LOL Totally joking we are going to work on some techniques for Maddie to help with him more and I am going to do a lot of crawling around. Oh the stories my kids will have!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I broke my foot...

Well about 25 hours ago I was coming in the back entry to our house and felt my self start to slide on a ceramic step. I trip to grip the stair with my right foot to prevent from hitting my shin on the step. However I slipped as I gripped and the rest of my body continued to go forward/downward and my arch of my foot took all of the weight on the edge of the stair. I saw bones pop out towards me, about 3 to be exact, and knew right away it was broken but needed to get to the hospital. I pushed the bones back in because it would have hurt more to wait and have to deal with swelling. It took my neighbor and Joel to carry me to the car.

At the hospital they did an x-ray but couldn’t tell much it either looked like a sprain to an old foot injury (which I never have had an old foot injury) or quite a good fracture. I knew it had to be the later. So they sent me down for a cat scan. When it came back the doc saw :wow I sure did a number on my foot. He had not seen something like that. He assumed what I did was essentially fold my foot in half as it happened and broke 3 long bones and 2 smaller ones.

Right now I am in a hard split with it wrapped really tight. It’s pretty much like a cast but it can be removed when I go to the Orthopedic guy in a couple of days. They do not think I’ll need surgery… but the Ortho guy will decide all of the logistics.

If you could send out some prayers for us we would sure appreciate them. We are going to need alot of them!!!