Thursday, December 7, 2006

Winter Fun

Thought that I'd share a few pics from a fun time out in the snow with the girls this afternoon!!!

Friday, December 1, 2006

Wow I really stink at this blogging thing I haven't done a new blog since Oct!

Many things have happened since then and I have no idea where to start.

Ok well first we decided to pull the house off the market and do a few more things to make it much easier to sell the next time. The main thing being gutting and redoing the main floor bathroom.

We also have decided to try for the 3rd and final Ross kid So hopefully soon enough we will have good news in that department!!!

The girls are doing well and growing like weeds. They both will be getting tubes in their ears again next week, so we are just ready to be done with that. Mostly just looking forward to have a great Christmas!!!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Race for a Cure: Sept 30th 2006

This Sat a couple of friends and I braved the weather and walked (one runner too) for a cure in the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure 5K. It was held in Grandville at the River Towns Crossing Mall. We had a really great time. It took us about 50 mins or so to walk the whole thing. YOu might be say woohoo way to go and laughing but I must saw puching a 4 yr old in a stroller in the 50 degree cold rain that even down poured on us makes me really proud of the time. I hope to do this again next year but who knows maybe I'll be fit enough to give the running a try .

Another neat part of the day was when Joel and I took Maddie to Libby Lu (A super girl power/girly girly store located inside of Yonkers) and she got her ears pierced. This weekend both of my babies did some growing up. Maddie geting her ears pierced because she told us she wanted to and never got scared and Allie turned 18 months today. Oh the fun of watching your kids grow. It's so exciting and scary at the same time.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where the heck does time go?

I feel like life seems to be fly right on by...So I thought that I'd do a little update.

Maddie is starting to have a real little life of her own now She is keeping pretty busy with school 3 days a week and swim classes on another. I can't believe how much of she changes daily and the wisdom that she gains from both school and the world around her. She is truly a little sponge and that isn't always the best thing if Mommy has happened to say a naughty word. She must have heard me say Holy Crap once because if I start to say Holy she'll say crap every once and a while Thank goodness it was something small like that. This summer she finally got over her fear of going under water while we were on vacation or so I thought...that was until she tried to use her ears as an excuses with the swim instructor. I guess she reserves the going under only for Nana and Papa, which isn't that all that surprising with her since they are way cooler than Mom and Dad.

Allie is growing like a weed these days and looking up to her sister in a very scary way. Let's just say it isn't fun when Maddie gets upset because Allie loves to mock her and it makes it that much worse. Allie is going to be our tall one she is already wearing 2T clothing and her sister still wears 3T pants . The big news for Allie is she has been using the potty atleast 1 time a day for the last 3 weeks. It was crazy to me and shocked me when she came up to me and said pee pee and then went and did it on her potty. I miss my little Baby Bear...but am loving this new little person in my house who is starting to really explore everything and I mean everything around her. She is absolutely fearless. She will be 18 months in 4 days. My has the time gone by with her.

Let's see now that I've talked about my pride and joy I actually have some new info about me Biggest news to me is that my weight loss is going awesome right now. I did my first weigh-in on June 29th and about cried when I saw the number 170. I am happy to report after doing a full lifestyle change on my eating habits I know weigh 150 and still going!!! I spend the time that Maddie is at school and at swim class working out so that will also help tone me up. I have a goal of 135 by Christmas... MoP's started up again for me 2 weeks ago and I am excited about the upcoming year. I am on the steering committee and my jobs are Publicity and Co creative Activites. I am loving being able to serve my church and have mommy time with other mommies. I also took on the meals for new moms through the care ministry in the church so it's neat meeting all of the new mommies now.

Our house is still on the market and it's going well. We are in no rush to sell because we have no idea where and what we want to do next. Only requirements we have are 4 + bedrooms, 2 full baths, Useable/finished basement. No older than the 70's at the absolute oldest I'd prefer something from the 90 and newer if possible. Building is so up in the air because we want more than we could really afford right now. It's all in His hands and I am totally ok with that.

Hope all is well with everyone and I'll try to be better about blogging...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

So our first week on the market went well and we already had 3 showings... now that all of that work is done it's time for a vacation.

And we are off!!! We leave early Sat morning for Myrtle Beach... and we will return the evening of August 4th.

We pray that the Atlantic stays hurricane free and that the girls have great flights...

Tell you all about it when we get home...Have a Blessed week.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What was I thinking???

So I am always the over ambitious crazy woman who decides to do something and goes at it full blast. I normally push my point right up to the end and things always turn out great. Well this is one time I am starting to wonder where I got this crazy notion.

So here is a little bit of info leading you into what I've done... Joel and I have been talking for about 6 months to put the house on the market next summer. Well Joel got a nice promotion and so we decided to push for this fall now. So I call the realtor that we are going to use and she highly pushes us to do it ASAP. So on Tuesday we decided to aim for July 24th Yes I know this is so crazy but that is how we did it last time and it was fine. Um hello Tina didn't think about the fact that we only had one child then...unfortunelty the kids are not into this packing stuff up and cleaning and painting like mad men. To top it off we have been planning to have a garage sale with a neighbor here at our house on July 21-22.

So here we are at Thursday and I've worked on the house so much that my back is killing me and and I can barely sleep because my mind is racing 24/7 about all of the stuff that has to be done. Yet I still find myself very excited about all of this just very unsure if we are going to get it done on time.

Our plan is to move into an apartment till sometime next year once the house sells. At somepoint in the spring/summer/fall we are planning on building in a new neighborhood going in on M-104 on your way into Spring Lake. We even have a favorite house plan picked out too. Now we just need to get in and see it in real life.

So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and also forgive me for being such a crummy friend right now.

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention we are going to Myrtle Beach July 29th-August 4th. Oh the plot just thickens...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ever feel lost in a haze?

It seems as though a haze is trying to settle around here. Normally the thought of summer lifts the winter blues but instead I am left with the feeling of where the heck is that chirpy summer mood? Granted so much has happend in the last few months that just encourage the haze to try to linger.

I recently decided to find a new home for my birds of 6yrs. Within a week of putting up a flyer at a vets office I had a call inquiring about them and 3 days later we were saying goodbye. As much as I know that it's so right for them it's so hard to say goodbye to something that you still care for.

I also am stuck dealing with my Trailer vs Van problem. Oh Vey if I only were better at backing out while stressed... LOL.

Lastly I just really want to lose weight but find it so much harder than it use to be...gotta love aging. I am gonna give the ole walking/jogging of the pounds wish me luck. My short term goal is about 15 pounds before August. Long term 25-30 by next April 21st. I have to look good in that dress as a Matron of Honor for my sister Em's wedding.
In general life is great and so is my family. It just that time when you know change is about to happen and we try so hard to fight change even though we know that it only betters us. Thank goodness for my faith in that fact that He will make it only what I can handle. One step and one prayer at a time.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Well they say bad things happen in 3's well my did today all between the
hours of 8:30am and 12:00pm.

I was getting ready for MoP's and went to move a bowl and spilled water all over things on the counter including print outs and other things of importance.

So because of having to do more print outs I was running behind. I went flying out of the garage totally forgeting the pop-up trailer in the drive way. I smack right into and sent the thing flying into the house and then towards the road. It busted some siding and banged up the van pretty good.

So if that wasn't enough on the way home from MoP's I saw the bus that drops off the neighbor kid pulling to it's spot but the yellow lights were on so I threw on my turn signal to let her know I was turning right next to her. Well just as I get to the front of the bus she decides to turn on the red lights umm a little late lady I was already assuming it was safe to go sinc ewe got there at the same time and you were still doing yellow. I think no big deal neighbor lives across the street where she is letting out she must have decided it was all ok. I continue to pull into my driveway and she honks at me. I am a bit confiussed at this point so I slow down and start to have the garage door open it's not until I'm pulling into the garage that she backs up to most likely write down my lisence plate so I know that proves we were there at the same time. So bring it on lady.

So as you can see I had a horrible no good day...

Ok so things got a tid bit better. One of my neighbors does the same route for morning and afternoon. The lady that might have turned me in only does the mid day kindy run. So I was talking to her and she said that if I called and apologized and just gave my story and say I may have messed up she said that things should be ok then. There isn't all that much that can be done by the bus driver because the cop will call and get my story too and it will be my word aggainst her. She also said that there is only about a 1 hance that I will end up with a ticket.

UPDATE:Well I called the bus garage and appologized which in alot of ways alone made me feel tons better. That was about 7am. Just a few mins ago neighbor (Valerie) the other bus driver for this route told me some good news. She heard over the radio after I called from the Boss to the lady who was drving the bus that I called to apologize so she said she guessed she let it go and not turn me in. Valerie then talked to her after their routes were done and told her how upset and bad I felt and then the bus lady felt really bad and agreed it was best not to turn me in because mistakes happen.