Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ever feel lost in a haze?

It seems as though a haze is trying to settle around here. Normally the thought of summer lifts the winter blues but instead I am left with the feeling of where the heck is that chirpy summer mood? Granted so much has happend in the last few months that just encourage the haze to try to linger.

I recently decided to find a new home for my birds of 6yrs. Within a week of putting up a flyer at a vets office I had a call inquiring about them and 3 days later we were saying goodbye. As much as I know that it's so right for them it's so hard to say goodbye to something that you still care for.

I also am stuck dealing with my Trailer vs Van problem. Oh Vey if I only were better at backing out while stressed... LOL.

Lastly I just really want to lose weight but find it so much harder than it use to be...gotta love aging. I am gonna give the ole walking/jogging of the pounds wish me luck. My short term goal is about 15 pounds before August. Long term 25-30 by next April 21st. I have to look good in that dress as a Matron of Honor for my sister Em's wedding.
In general life is great and so is my family. It just that time when you know change is about to happen and we try so hard to fight change even though we know that it only betters us. Thank goodness for my faith in that fact that He will make it only what I can handle. One step and one prayer at a time.

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