Monday, August 6, 2007

37 week appointment :(

Well my luck has run out

My BP jumped from 106/68 last Thursday to 140/82 today. I also have been having near fainting spells too. The doc almost sent me to OB triage because she is rather concerned about this lovely history I have. But instead we set up a plan of attack.

I have to go in for Bi weekly NST's (Non stress test) and weekly AFI's (Amniotic Fluid index checks) I also have to take my BP 2-3 times a day to make sure we don't see even more of a rise. This is all nothing new for me since I had to do this for almost 5 weeks with Allie. I am also on restricted bedrest. Which means I can stll do a few things but for the most part belong in bed or on the couch. She did make it sound like there is a very good chance I could be having him next week though!!!

The Pluses: I lost one pound since Thursday, and I get to see little man on ultrasound tomorrow (double check those parts is a hope and a good face 3D as well)

So Please send some my way that all stays as is till Sat morning from there we are all set I just really want to see my brother get married and the girls be his flower girls... I also want little guy to be safe and healthy!!!

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