Friday, February 22, 2008

The last 3 weeks

I have no idea where to even begin. The last 3 weeks has been a journey of happiness, sorrow, joy, sickness, love, and loss.

I never posted about my Grandmothers (Mom's Mom) awesome and wonderful boyfriend that essentially a second grandfather to me. His name is Papa Pete and he is rejoicing in heaven now. Before Thanksgiving this year he was diagnosed with Leukemia and was not given a good outcome. We saw him at Christmas time and he was doing ok. However they had to call hospice in shortly after. He was doing ok but took a turn for the worse just before Valentines day and passed peacefully in his sleep to join his Lord and Savior. What an awesome joy to know he is in Heaven right now but he is truly missed here. I can not thank him enough for all that he has done for my Grandmother since my Grandfather passed away almost exactly 10 years ago from right now. I love you Papa Pete and enjoy some cloud jumping for Allie and Maddie please.

The girls have had to learn about death in this hard time but they take comfort that our loved ones are in Heaven with God and Jesus, boo boo free, and enjoying some cloud jumping!!!!

Another sorrow that we are going through is that about 3 weeks ago my Grandfather (Dad's Dad) found out that he has Lung Cancer when they did a deeper scan of his pneumonia. He had an appointment with the doc to found out the deeper specifics about 1 hour before Papa Pete's visitation. He has Stage 4 Lung Cancer and it's in the lymph nodes as well. My Grandfather is a very strong and caring man that has lived a very rough but good life. He is already dealing with a heart condition and Parkinson's disease. He does not complain and has an awesome outlook. I am so proud to cal him MINE!!!!! He is not a good candidate for surgery or radiation, and it seems that Chemo would only prolong his life while making him miserable most likely. I understand that this is not really his wishes and he deserves to enjoy his last days here spending it with family before he meets his Lord and Savior and joins the cloud jumping!!!! I pray that I am able to spend time with him and let my children see the truly wonderful man that I get to call Grandpa. Please pray for peace and understanding for everyone especially his wife my Grandma (step grandma by law but real by my heart).

Some praises are that Logan is 6 months and can officially say MA-MA!!! Maddie is starting to read. And lastly my little Allie has learned her night time prayer so well that when I hear her say it I want to cry for joy!!!!

This last week I was uber sick and my family did an awesome job of surviving. All thanks to Joel for being the glue that held us together and took me to the ER to get on meds, changed tons of diapers, brought me meds, read to the kids, loved on them all for me, and still worked here from home. Thank you babe for everything you do you are the best!!!! Love you Forever and Always.

Thank you for making it all of the way to the end of this blog and please keep our praises and prayers in yours. Thank you from us all!!!


  1. I'm not even sure how to respond. The last few weeks have been challenging, for sure. You've been extremely strong through all of this, and I was happy to take care of you, since you do the same for me the rest of the year!

    I love you!

  2. Many hugs & prayers heading your way. I lost both my Grandpa & Grandma within 4 months of each other due to cancer so I know how hard it is.

    One thing I wish I would of done was to get one last photo of us w/ them. I totally blew it with my Grandpa, but my Grandma knew I wanted one since I don't have any pictures of her w/ Katie. At Christmas she didn't want to do it because the rest of the family was around and she hated her picture taken so I told her the next time I saw her. Then the last time I saw her I forgot and by the time I remembered she was dozing off so I thought I would wait till next time as I didn't want to wake her. Needless to say I didn't get that next time because she passed away the following week.

  3. Had some tears over the Grandpas....I lost my own father 2 years ago, and my 4 year old daughter still wants her Grandpa to come back...Grandpa's are so precious! I'm glad you all have some time to enjoy your Grandpa, that time is a precious gift from God.