Friday, September 12, 2008

An awesome Walgreens Trip!!!

I went to Walgreens yesterday and had a very sucessful trip!!! I can not believe how much I got for my money all because I did an even better time planning out my Savings Angel Trip... Want to know more about that just ask me I can go on for hours about it!!!


1 Scrubbing bubbles Automatic shower cleaning kit (Value $20)
6 Dole fruit cup packs
6 boxes of Puff plus lotion boxes
3 bottles of Robitussin
3 Natures Valley Mix Granola Bar Packs
3 Fiber One PB bars
2 Bottles of Shout
2 Cans of Scrubbing Bubbles
2 Containers of Scrubing Bubble Wipes
2 Silly scents 20 pack Crayola Marker kits
2 Papermate 6 pk highligher sets
2 Tylenol PM bottles
1 bottle of Windex
1 Hannah Montana 2009 Calendar plus bonus poster
[I]1 Calculator not pictured[/I]

[B]Grand Total: $35.42[/B] Plus I have another $10 Register Reward to spend the next time I go.
[U]Total savings with coupons and sales: $83.65[/U]

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