Monday, October 13, 2008

Wach out Las Vegas...

Here we come!

Well Joel and I have been doing lots of looking around to decide our 10yr anniversary location and I am about 95% sure we are going to go to Vegas. Now we are not the gambling type but there is so much more to Vegas. We want to take a day trip to the Hoover Dam and Sky Walk that over looks the Grand Canyon. We also hope to do a from Vegas helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon and many other beautiful places as well.

My parents are allowing us to trade in a week at one of their timeshares for us to use. I think we are leaning towards the Marriott Grand Chateau. We have loved the other Marriott that we have stayed at in Myrtle Beach.

I can not wait to really start planning this trip in the Spring when we can book the timeshare. It’s going to be very exciting to plan this and experience this as a couple. It will be good for all of us including the kids!

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