Saturday, November 29, 2008


What I am & am not Thankful for:

Normally I love to talk about the things I am thankful for but the one thing that came out of Thanksgiving this year is the one thing I am not Thankful for...


We got a call after we left my parents making sure no one else was sick cause my Dad was getting sick... they also had all 3 kids over night. So we all thought it was his acid reflux acting up because he ate too much because he seemed fine all day yesterday and even came out here to bring the kids home with my mom.

That was till I got a call this morning and it was my sister saying she was super sick. Now normally she wouldn't call me but she announced at the Dinner table some big news with a shirt "Eating for Two" and she wanted to know if she should call the doc we both go to or if I knew what they'd say. So I walked her through what they told me the first time I went through that. She also told me that Dad was sick again today...

This was about the time that Joel was in the bathroom stuck to the potty. So I hoped it was just mere coincidence. Then at about 3 found out my sister's husband had join the rank of sick and my brother was now stuck on the toilet. At 4 Joel joined the puking ranks.....

Needless to say I am freaked out about what tonight might contain and I even made the girls choose one blanket and stuff animal and removed their comforters and gave them just fleece throw blankets because they are much easier to wash.

So I am not Thankful for PUKING but I am super Thankful for my Preggo Sister!!!

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