Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Family

We just need tons of prayers right now. Joel's Grandmother passed away on Friday afternoon. We left for Pittsburgh on Sat early am and while we were their asking for prayers for Joel and his family on Monday my sister and 1 1/2 month old nephew were in a car accident. Everyone was ok and just shook up but my mom was at the hospital with my sister when she got a call that my Grandmother had a mini heart attack and was not doing well at all. We just got home last night at 10pm and we were packed and back on the road again this morning. We stopped to see my Grandma on our way out of town for Joel's Grandma's visitation tonight and funeral tomorrow. Unfortunetaly my Grandma only seems to have a few days left max according to her hospice care. So we will be doing this all over again in a few days I know that Heaven is where our Grandma's want to be but it's a bit much all at the same times especially since my Dad's dad is in a rehad center from a broken hip while we were gone 3 1/2 weeks ago and his Parkinsons is getting really bad and my Dad is worried he may not be around long either....

Just send them up please for all of us as we celebrate the lives of these great women and that my Grandma is able to go peacefully and pain free.

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