Monday, May 17, 2010

First Camping Weekend

This weekend was a nice change of pace...well sort of. We can say we survived our first camping trip of 2010 but it did have it bumps along the way for sure! It started off smooth and easy and I was able to get the camper down to the campsite and set up while Allie and Logan did nap time. It seemed like it might be an easier year with Logan being a bit older now so we were excited to see if it did go that way. Well our first night was nothing but easy. We had started with the idea of Logan sleeping on the top bunk as then he would just hopefully lay down and go to sleep. That left Allie on the double bed below him and Maddie set up with a bed on the couch. That did not work as he went to the part of the bunk that did not have a rail to lean over and talk to Allie as soon as we put him into bed. So we immediately switched Allie and Logan and just prayed he would stay in the bed. Not a chance!!! He was up till almost 11pm trying to climb into our bed. Then he woke up at 5:40 am as if he slept his normal 11 hours. In an effort to keep him quiet I gave him a snack and some milk. Once he had waken the girls less than an hour later and we were feeding them breakfast the threw up all of that snack and milk for us all to enjoy. We cleaned the mess up and just came home early like I talked about in a previous post.

Allie also had a rough afternoon because she was tired and refused to do her BM's in the camper and insisted on going home to do so. It took us almost 3 hours to figure out why she kept asking to come home and not stay camping to realize she had an upset tummy and would only go at home. That night for sleep we put Logan into the pack and play that he is much to long for but he totally slept there without an issue. Another plus is that Maddie went back to the top bunk and Allie below her on the double. That left an extra mattress pad to be used and so we just threw it on our bed making it even more comfortable.

Sunday morning was way less eventful and even though they were all up by 7:30am it was all way better than the previous morning. We also were able to get packed up and home at a time that allowed us to get a lot done in the morning and early afternoon with some great veg time in the evening. So it was survived but lots was learned!

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