Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So today was a day to see where things are at Post Operative for Allie and both of the girls in school.   It kept me pretty busy because it was also a school day for Logan as well.  Allie is doing well and was given the okay to go back to school on Friday.  Granted they do not have school Friday so she will go back next week.  It was also our ENT's last day before retirement so it was nice to see him one more time.  We will see a new doctor in the office next time we go.  So that was a nice visit with good news about her progress.

Conferences went well for both girls as well.  Maddie has come such a long way since she was in Kindergarten and it's so awesome to see how great of a student she is!  The only concern is that she needs to slow down and put her best effort forward to each task at hand or problem instead of trying to look ahead to the next.  It's not a huge issue but one to take care of now.  Allie is doing really good as well and is right where see needs to be.  The only thing that her teacher would love to see come out of Allie as the year goes is for her to exhibit her self confidence.  She is really quite and hard to get to talk to groups without prodding.  It also applies to writing workshop and just giving her sentences a try.  We are going to try and work on both here at home as best as we can.

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