Thursday, December 2, 2010

It was time!

So I have mentioned before I believe that a few years ago I had a test done to see if I might have Celiac's well one of the test results came back indicating that I might have it. At the time I knew my Aunt had it and she no longer could eat bread and it scared me horribly. So did some research and saw that the test results can be wrong so easily in fact it's common for people to get a negative result but still have it and vice versa have a positive result and not have it. So I went with that and convinced my gasterenterologist that I felt fine and would wait for the biopsy.

Ok so fast forward to today. I've had some other medical issues along the way with blood pressure issues and anemia issues durning my pregnancies. I also do have as horrible of IBS as I use to have but it still affects my life. Now I am struggling the last few years with this mood type depression issues, inablity to lose weight, funky test results that lead no where, and even still losing hair like I'm pregnant. So I made the call today to the Dr to get this biopsy done once and for all! I also have seen many symptoms in each of the kids. Maddie has horrible tooth enamel problems and has way to many cavities for someone who brushes as much as she has in her life. She also has been very slow for gorwing in both weight and height. They were very concerned about her about a year ago that I really should have done something then!

In the meantime I need to not change my diet because that will affect the test but I also really want to lose this weight. I am praying that I can get this test done ASAP so I can start a new lifestlye change if need be. One of the first orders of business if I do have Celiac's diesase is to find a protein powder that is glueten free and get this weight gone before introducing new types of carbs! I want to make a huge change in my life no matter the outcome but I need to cross this test off my list. Please prayer for a fast test date so I can truly move forward!

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  1. So do you have it? There is a good store on Plainfield Ave w/lots of gluten free stuff and more recipes are going on line gluten free. Best wishes to good health.