Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial weekend....

Oh what a Day..... a quick brief run down is we had the campground looking for Logan today and 911 on the line when Logan decided to hide and seek on us as we were packing up. Then came home to a defrosting deep freezer...unplanned BBQ of weird things tonight now.  This is after taking Maddie to the ER yesterday for periorbital cellulitus (infection in the skin around her eye) and Logan getting sunburned in 59 degree weather on Friday.

A little more on the Logan thing:  
Logan got in trouble for eating his popscile in the trailer after I cleaned it for packing up. So he decided to hide in there apparently while Joel and I were on the otherside of the camper getting electric, water, and sewer put away. We ...noticed he was not on the playground so I went into the camper and called for him. Then we ran around our friends sites calling for him and a better search of the playground. Nothing...I went into the camper and did a hardcore search and found nothing. At this point I sent Joel to the office to start checking the gate and alert the staff...our friends started to call 911 and people were looking through out our area for him. I decided to plug the camper in and slide our slide out incase somehow it had trapped him somewhere. As I go in for the fourth time he pops his head up and said here I am................... I totally lost it to tears at that point. I am relieved that he did not wander away but hate his ability to play hide and seek so well that he moves spots and does not even answer when Mom is yelling "Logan please come out I am not mad I am so scared please tell me where you are". We have had some major talks as can be imagined.See More

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