Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Best Buy ordeal...

We purchased a 26 ft LG Side by Side Fridge on May 26th 2007. The orginal price of the fridge was $1899.99 but there was $70 taken off for it being an open box item. At the time a promotion was running on open box items if you purchased one you recieved a free $500 in store Gift Card to be used at a later date. It could not be used on that date. We also purchased a 5 year Performance Plan with the fridge. We were never told of any thing that affected our plan when we bought the enitre package. Info that is important for later in our story. We have orginal receipt and Service plan details that go with this.

In the last year we have had to have the Geek squad out for multiple issues we were having and after our last time they were out around Sept 20th they made the decision to Lemon it and do a Warranty exchange. We were told then we would get our orginal purchase price amount towards an exchange.

We decided to head over to the Best Buy in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Alpine Ave a few days later (Sept 24th). We do live closer to the Muskegon, Michigan store on Harvey St but have had other issues with not so great service there and the Alpine store was where we orginally bought the fridge from anyways. We talked with an awesome sales person there named Karen and she looked up all of our info and gave so much time to us to find the right fridge. We spent almost an hour with her and she was wonderful. If only our story ended there. We decided to not place the order at that exact moment because we wanted to double check measurements. It was an LG French Door fridge that had to seperate outside drawers for the freezer. She gave us every piece of info we needed with our customer numbers and order number so that we could order as soon as we were ready.

We came home did the measurements and my husband headed over to the Muskegon, Michigan Store to do the order. We decided since Karen had given us everything we needed it would be a fast and simple process. Boy were we wrong. My husband was gone for almost an hour because once he got everything together the manager needed to be called and they were very unfriendly with him. They said first you are only getting $1329.99 for your exchange...they would not give him a reason and they just said because that is what the Geek squad is willing to give you. They also said we could not order the fridge we wanted because it would never come even though they still had it listed in store as available. No other reasons and the manager was very rude and did not care we were in a bad position.

My husband left and I spent a few days trying to get ahold of our so helpful associate at the Alpine Store because we were so confused. She took some time and came back to us with real answers and actually cared about us. She said that after talking with the manangers about the case that there is a store policy that when you receive a gift card as part of a promotion for a product and you buy a psp that the gift card amount comes off from your price you paid if you ever have an exchange happen. This is not something we were ever told and would ave totally changed our purchase had we known this. It is also not in our PSP document that we were given. In fact Karen our associate we love has been working there for 7 years in the appliance area and is just now learning of this. She is personally taking this knowledge and sharing it now with future customers as it should be. Also the store by us had no clue either not that they would have cared to take the time to really look into things for us. Also the fridge we were wanting to order should have been pulled from the inventory because it was not able to be bought anymore because it had been discontinued and every last one was sold. We thanked Karen for the info and took some time to think and hoped the info we had shared would make into the right manager's hands and they would take care of us. That never occurred.

On Oct 8th we decided to just bite the bullet because nobody seemed to care and just pick a fridge that was as close to the $1329.99 we were being allowed to exchange at. We ended up with a Samsung French door without the Ice and water on the door because we could not afford it for $1274.99. It's not what we wanted but feel very stuck in this because we are not willing to go into debt for another fridge. This again should be where the story ends....us very let down by Best Buy.

It does not end there....The fridge was delivered on Oct 16th . The delivery men that delivered it sratched it upon delivery and suggested we get a new door and my husband agreed. At the same time as delivery they completely bent up the frame to our screen/glass front door. The man actually had the nerve to tell my husband it was like that before even though it was not. The screen part is completely ruined and we have to replace it come spring. There is another $200 that we are losing in this deal...great but what could we really do? Both of these things are stated in the Delivery Manifest that my husband was required to sign. We then had to wait for a call from someone about the new fridge door. At the time of the delivery they also took the old fridge and we also sent them 2 boxes that had been shipped to us for repairs for that fridge. Those boxes showed up at my house again 2 days later for no reason......they are LG parts.

A called came in on Oct 18th from Carolynn at the Muskegon, Michigan Best Buy. She was calling after talking with her mananger (the same one that has been rude to us before) and they had decided that they were going to give us a $25 gift card for the scratches on the door. I asked and what about a new door "Well we talked to the driver and he said it wasn't that bad" Remember he is the one who suggested we get a new one. I even told her this and this is when I was told "Well we are just trying to save ourselves the work of ordering a whole new fridge just for the door...it's a lot of work" I said well I want a new door so sorry. She was not happy but said she would call us with a delivery date. Nothing was ever said about the damage to our front door because once again they just plain don't care.

It is now Oct 25th and we have not heard a single thing form anyone again and we are just plain frustrated....this ordeal is still ongoing and we can't seem to get out of it. I have no idea what to do now.....we can say with 100% confidence that we will never go back to the Muskegon Best Buy for anything other than Verizon Mobile needs (those guys there are awesome) but with $700 worth of loss here we are just plan sad because every piece of electronic and appliances that we own are from Best Buy and so are many of our families because we have always loved the service till recently. Our spending record goes back to 2000 and now I'm not sure where we go from here.


  1. Ahhh, yes, the Muskegon Best Buy. I won't set foot in that joke of a retailer. Last time I was in there was to order a $1300 DSLR (they didn't carry the Canon 20D in stores) so that I could make use of 0% financing. I waited for the sales guy to take a break from chatting with a buddy and playing with their cell phones. I told him what I wanted to do and he turned back around and ignored me. Guess he didn't work on commission.

    I then asked another sales associate from another dept. for assistance and he disappeared. I waited another 10 minutes and walked out. Turns out that the Ritz camera in the mall also offered 0% financing and were MUCH more helpful. I was sad to see them go out of business.

    Good luck complaining to BB. I wrote a letter detailing my experience and I don't recall getting any sort of response. Amazing that they are still in business and Circuit City went under. I liked CC and had good results with the Muskegon store.

  2. Tina,
    I read your story, and how awful! You should really go after Best Buy with the BBB. The $500 gift card I can understand because it would sort of act like a rebate I suppose, but them scratching the door and then not wanting to fix it on the new one I dont understand. I had a similar situation with some flooring with Armstrong and lowes, and once I got the BBB involved things moved rather quickly to resolving the issue..... Maybe just contact best buy again and threaten reporting it to the better business bureau and see where it gets you. Thanks for sharing your story, I will be sure to NOT buy my new appliances from Best Buy. PS let me know how you like your samsung, I am thinking of buying french style with the extra pull out drawer when we upgrade :)

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