Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Lent Plan

We  made a decision to make a few healthy changes in our lives for Lent as a way to refelct and grow on what Christ gave to us all.  I have been slowing getting back to the place I know I need be for lifelong health but by making a few things untouchable for 40 days will allow me to put my cravings towards Him instead of food!  We also hope these changes allow us to better see what God is trying to show us through our churches 8 week study where we are reading the entire New testament.

Some of the things we as a family are going without until Easter are no candy, cut back on most sweets, no pop, and no eating out/take out!   Joel and I are also making a commitment to get to the gym 3 days a week.  We are hoping by doing this as a refelction we will be more commited to these being a more long term way of making our life more healthy!

There are a few times where the kids will get a pass because of some instances where other life things are happening.  One of the times is for Allie's birthday which is April 1st.  We are going to allow the kids to have cake and we are going to pick up Papa Murphy's pizza for her party.  Other than that we hope to serve healthy foods and have non-candy treats.  Another instance is when Maddie goes on a special trip with my parents to Disney she will be allowed to eat out, have ice cream and cookies, and a few small treats with my parents. 

I pray that at the end of this not only will we have learned to better apreciate His sacrifices but also to trust Him more with our health!

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