Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where the heck does time go?

I feel like life seems to be fly right on by...So I thought that I'd do a little update.

Maddie is starting to have a real little life of her own now She is keeping pretty busy with school 3 days a week and swim classes on another. I can't believe how much of she changes daily and the wisdom that she gains from both school and the world around her. She is truly a little sponge and that isn't always the best thing if Mommy has happened to say a naughty word. She must have heard me say Holy Crap once because if I start to say Holy she'll say crap every once and a while Thank goodness it was something small like that. This summer she finally got over her fear of going under water while we were on vacation or so I thought...that was until she tried to use her ears as an excuses with the swim instructor. I guess she reserves the going under only for Nana and Papa, which isn't that all that surprising with her since they are way cooler than Mom and Dad.

Allie is growing like a weed these days and looking up to her sister in a very scary way. Let's just say it isn't fun when Maddie gets upset because Allie loves to mock her and it makes it that much worse. Allie is going to be our tall one she is already wearing 2T clothing and her sister still wears 3T pants . The big news for Allie is she has been using the potty atleast 1 time a day for the last 3 weeks. It was crazy to me and shocked me when she came up to me and said pee pee and then went and did it on her potty. I miss my little Baby Bear...but am loving this new little person in my house who is starting to really explore everything and I mean everything around her. She is absolutely fearless. She will be 18 months in 4 days. My has the time gone by with her.

Let's see now that I've talked about my pride and joy I actually have some new info about me Biggest news to me is that my weight loss is going awesome right now. I did my first weigh-in on June 29th and about cried when I saw the number 170. I am happy to report after doing a full lifestyle change on my eating habits I know weigh 150 and still going!!! I spend the time that Maddie is at school and at swim class working out so that will also help tone me up. I have a goal of 135 by Christmas... MoP's started up again for me 2 weeks ago and I am excited about the upcoming year. I am on the steering committee and my jobs are Publicity and Co creative Activites. I am loving being able to serve my church and have mommy time with other mommies. I also took on the meals for new moms through the care ministry in the church so it's neat meeting all of the new mommies now.

Our house is still on the market and it's going well. We are in no rush to sell because we have no idea where and what we want to do next. Only requirements we have are 4 + bedrooms, 2 full baths, Useable/finished basement. No older than the 70's at the absolute oldest I'd prefer something from the 90 and newer if possible. Building is so up in the air because we want more than we could really afford right now. It's all in His hands and I am totally ok with that.

Hope all is well with everyone and I'll try to be better about blogging...

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