Sunday, October 1, 2006

Race for a Cure: Sept 30th 2006

This Sat a couple of friends and I braved the weather and walked (one runner too) for a cure in the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure 5K. It was held in Grandville at the River Towns Crossing Mall. We had a really great time. It took us about 50 mins or so to walk the whole thing. YOu might be say woohoo way to go and laughing but I must saw puching a 4 yr old in a stroller in the 50 degree cold rain that even down poured on us makes me really proud of the time. I hope to do this again next year but who knows maybe I'll be fit enough to give the running a try .

Another neat part of the day was when Joel and I took Maddie to Libby Lu (A super girl power/girly girly store located inside of Yonkers) and she got her ears pierced. This weekend both of my babies did some growing up. Maddie geting her ears pierced because she told us she wanted to and never got scared and Allie turned 18 months today. Oh the fun of watching your kids grow. It's so exciting and scary at the same time.

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