Friday, April 25, 2008

My Allie is very Sick...

I decided to take Allie into the Med center this morning. Normally we go to the Docs but I won the award for the worst mother of the year with Maddie this morning when I forgot about a huge art thing at her school this morning so I made plans to pick her up and see the art then.

Allie has been running a temp around 102-103 for almost 3 full days now along with a funcky cough, runny nose, and allergy symptoms. So I get her to the Med Center and the Nurse Practioner runs the tests and is baffled at first because her lungs are clear for now and her ears were great and throat was just a little red. She did find huge lymph nodes and then she heard the cough. She was completely thrown back by it and thinks now that Allie has a viral induced asthma. But she is also concerned for her temp that doesn't seem to be budging and that her cough could get worse. So I'm on my way to get a nebulizer and meds.

The hope is that by tomorrow her fever has broken and the cough is better if not we've been told to get her into the ER. What sucks is this is the busiest weekend I think since my wedding. I really hope and pray that things do get better for her because I want my happy Allie safe and healthy.

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