Sunday, April 13, 2008

A sad Day....

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of emotion.... I thought that right now I'd be shouting from the mountain top of the joy of a new puppy in our home. But instead I've broken my girls hearts and the puppy is back at the rescue foster home

The puppy we found was at Petco yesterday morning and he was 10 weeks old. He was so beautiful and we fell in love instantly. We brought him home and at first it was going great until we turned our heads for 2 seconds and we found him on top of Logan thinking they were littermates. He did not scare or even hurt Logan at all and at first it was kinda of cute funny. But the more he played near Logan the more we realized he thought that Logan was a littermate and not a baby. This scared me huge time and made me realize that even though he was perfect for our family and even almost house trained the timing might be off by 6 months. So I called the lady that we got him from and asked what we could/should do. The decision came down to the big what if I turned my back because Allie is almost potty trained but stills needs the occasional run me to the potty so I can make it and Logan got hurt on complete accident because of the innocent puppy how would I feel then. I was heartbroken with how I realized how it made me feel because I know that if we had found Teddy 6 months later we would have a best friend for life.

We took Teddy back and we really need some prayers for some healing right now because we are all hurting because he stole our hearts and the thought of him not in our home is killing me.

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