Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I broke my foot...

Well about 25 hours ago I was coming in the back entry to our house and felt my self start to slide on a ceramic step. I trip to grip the stair with my right foot to prevent from hitting my shin on the step. However I slipped as I gripped and the rest of my body continued to go forward/downward and my arch of my foot took all of the weight on the edge of the stair. I saw bones pop out towards me, about 3 to be exact, and knew right away it was broken but needed to get to the hospital. I pushed the bones back in because it would have hurt more to wait and have to deal with swelling. It took my neighbor and Joel to carry me to the car.

At the hospital they did an x-ray but couldn’t tell much it either looked like a sprain to an old foot injury (which I never have had an old foot injury) or quite a good fracture. I knew it had to be the later. So they sent me down for a cat scan. When it came back the doc saw :wow I sure did a number on my foot. He had not seen something like that. He assumed what I did was essentially fold my foot in half as it happened and broke 3 long bones and 2 smaller ones.

Right now I am in a hard split with it wrapped really tight. It’s pretty much like a cast but it can be removed when I go to the Orthopedic guy in a couple of days. They do not think I’ll need surgery… but the Ortho guy will decide all of the logistics.

If you could send out some prayers for us we would sure appreciate them. We are going to need alot of them!!!

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  1. Ouch!! Hope it's feeling better soon (already read the follow up to see you decided against surgery...)