Saturday, April 18, 2009

Long Day

My morning started off super early. My dog was running around the room followed by hissing because one of our cats got into our room at 4:30am. My hubby thought he chased the cat out because our cat Ozzie was in the hallway and he is never there. So I am almost asleep and I hear something in the room again. Well apparently the cat that was in our room was a different one. So I got him out of the room and used the bathroom. Well by this time my mind was on and running a mile a min because I had a busy day ahead. I was going to help run a Consigment Sale for my MOPS group, fit in Maddie first ever soccer game, and have the girls go to Lansing for their first overnight with my MIL. So I got up instead of turning in bed and getting antsy.

I thought I'll just lay on the couch and veg for an hour before I needed to shower and get on the road. Well my cat Ozzie was still in our hallway and I knew something seemed off he only ever hangs out there if a mess from another cat needs to be cleaned up or something else is wrong. It's his way of getting our attention. So I tried to pet him and love on him and he was not having it. Normally all I have to do is say his name and he'll purr and run to you. Not this time...I let Joel know to keep an eye on him and then also found a slimy puke with a blood tinge downstairs so I knew he wasn't doing well.

I left at 6:30am to go work the sale and came home around 11:30am to take Maddie to her game. We went to her game and then came home. I went to change and found him upstairs looking horrible and puking more and not even cleaning himself up. So off I ran him to the emergency vet in GR while Joel took the girls to Ionia to meet my MIL.

$918 later he is in early kidney failure of one kidney and also has some ulcers from the kidney issue. He is there till sometime tomorrow with IV fluids and antibiotics with hopes that he'll be able to come home and do well for a while on a special food diet. We will know more tomorrow though. There is only so much we want to do for quality of life. Alot of times these cats end up needing weekly-daily IV fluids to keep them healthy and that is not for us or our Ozzie.

On a good note I made well over $200 at the Consignment sale so that should help with the bill for sure!!!

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