Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad Day

Yesterday was such a roller coaster of emotions. That morning we started to feel tons better about Ozzie because his kidney levels had returned to normal. So we thought that this was great news and that he just needed to recover from a possible infection. The doc on thought thought that there was a possible obstruction that may have cause his decline in health and that maybe it passed. If it hadn't passed though he would probably need surgery.

After much talking Joel and I both agreed that if he did have an obstruction that surgery was not the best option for quality of life for Ozzie. They talked about alot of different things through out the day with our local vet. Many hard conversations were had.

We decide that they should recheck an x-ray and see what was up. If he was still obstructed it would be time to let him go. If it was not obstructed and things looked well we would formulate a plan to try one or two more things. If those didn't work it was also his way of saying no more.

We got a call from the Emergency clinic around 6ish. It was a new vet who had not seen him but studied his charts, x-rays, and talked with many people who had dealt with Ozzie over the previous 48 hours. She told us that the orginal spot that they thought that there was an obstruction was clear now. However they did see some bunching of the intestines that were not right. It wasn't definitive but he was not doing well and he had not gotten better at all with anything they were trying. He was still vomiting and had Diarrhea both with blood in it. Also his temp would not come down at all. She also said he did not look good and felt that we really needed to come and see him for our own eyes. In her opinion there was a very high chance that he had Intestinal Lymphoma, or some other big issue. I knew she was saying what I was thinking. Ozzie was telling us it was time.

We rushed to Grand Rapids and we all spent some time with him and said our goodbyes. He was happy to see us and purred the entire time but he was not our Ozzie at all. His eyes said it all... it was time and he was ok with it. I could tell he was in pain and he was still having the bloody diarrhea as we were there. He also felt very warm after he crawled into my arms after my parents took the kids to Wendys. The doctor and the tech both confirmed that he was very sick and there wasn't much to do and we were making the right choice. I gave him once last hug and kiss and left the room. Joel stayed with him and he purred right till the end, was not scared, and went very peacefully.

He will be so missed and as I sit here and type this from the love seat I miss his warm body next to mine. I know it's gonna take time before I stop looking for him to walk around the corner, curl up in my lap, or even to be busy cleaning Louie. However I do know that he truly changed my life. He was my first ever cat and now I can not ever imagine a time in my life without a cat in our house. He loved us so much and always showed us. He knew our emotions and was often a comforter in times of sadness.

Sir Oswald may you be pain free and floating on clouds of catnip!!!

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