Thursday, January 10, 2008

One could only hope...

Well I really hoped that today when I went and checked on the freezer it would be working again. No such luck... it was about the same temp as the outdoors right now.

So that led to me to check out whether or not we had bought an extended service plan. Again nope... this is the reason that I feel they are so important. Right about the time that we bought this freezer we also bought a dishwasher. Joel was not to happy about buying service plans at that time because we had bought them on our exisiting appliances and never used them.

We lets go back to May of 2007 when our dishwasher of only 2 years died for the second time. The first time was when we had the house on the market and we had done a homeowners insurance thing that luckily covered it. However if we had bought a plan then we would not have had to buy a new dishwasher. The new one has a extended 5 yr plan on it ;)

Now here we are again same kind of problem... no plan and looks like we are out a freezer. I think we have learned our lesson!!!

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