Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Weight Loss accoutability

Well they say accountability is the key to weight loss and since we are in a new year it's time for me to shed these baby pounds once and for all!!!! Normally I'd do a 1 year weight review However I'm going to do a 2 year in review since I was preggo for 9 months of the last year.

Jan 2006: 166
May 2006: 175
August 2006: 148
Oct 2006: 150 (My maintain weight before we started to TTC)
Dec 2006: 157 (Got pregnant then)
Aug 20th 2007: 185 (My pregnancy high)
Sept 1st 2007: 164
Sept 20th 2007: 157
Oct 31st 2007: 158
Dec 1st 2007: 160
Dec 26th 2007: 164
Now: 162

Goals:April 1st (Allie's b-day) 152ish
June 29th (Maddie's b-day) 147ish
Aug 20th (Logan's b-day) 142ish
Final Goal 135-140 area!!!!

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