Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ticked off

So last night before I went to MOPs I got into the deep freezer in the garage to get out a meal for a member of our small group that had been in the ER becuase of hurting her back on Sunday. So I got in the freezer and notice that some of the stuff had this weird frost just starting to form on it and a few things were melted (Ice cream and juice cans). I prayed that it was just left open somehow when Joel had gotten in there earlier in the day for me.

When I came home last night from MOPs at 10:30pm and went and checked on it. It was even worse... Alot of the smaller items had already begun to defrost. So we had to make room in the two freezer inside. We have our old fridge in the basement to store pop and right now my Lean Cuisine meals. So we were able to get the bags of Chicken breasts and all of the bags of veggies saved.However I have some Main Dish Kitchen stuff that is was starting to defrost... looks like we have the next 4 days of meals planned out...

Some of you may recall that this is not the first time this stinking freezer did this. That time I lost over a 1000ozs of breast milk. I am so irratated that this stupid freezer has been just fince since that incident back in Nov of 05. We only bought the darn thing back in August of 04 too...

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