Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change of plans

Well we could not get the dealership to come down to where we wanted to see the pricing.  That Tahoe has been on the lot for a while now and just isn't moving, so I am surprised they are being so stiff with the price.  I did some looking around at other places and found that for another $3000 we could get a Tahoe with similar miles but with all of the bells and whistles.    We really would prefer one that has captain seats in the second row.  This afternoon I am going to pick Maddie up from school and head to Coopersville to check out a 2005 Tahoe that is burgundy with Second row captain seats, DVD player, leather seats, sun roof, and other little cool things.  From what I am finding though from calling around these suckers are flying off the lot almost as soon as they are taking them.  It tells us that there is more wrong with that Tahoe then we know.  So we shall see looks like we might be happier long term now though.

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