Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Tahoe I went to look at and test drive today was picked up for a test drive about an hour before I got there.  I was so bummed but found a really great salesman to work with.  He said that if we would like to be second in line for considering that vehicle there was something we could try.  What we did was write up an offer with a $50 deposit.  The offer was fully based on our approval and liking of the vehicle.  The only thing it did was gaurantee that if it came back and was not bought for full price by the other person we were next in line to consider it.  Apparently if you have it out for a test drive you are pretty much putting a hold on it and it can't be sold out from under you.

They also did a test drive on our van and are giving us $11,500 for it.  So that was great news because from what we can tell the other place was only offering $9500.  So we shall see tomorrow if the Tahoe comes back and if it get sold or not.

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