Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yukon anyone?

Well the Tahoe seems to be sold at this point because it has not been brought back and financing is being looked into.  Which at first really drove me nuts... but then after talking to my salesman it got better.  They have a sister company in Muskegon and he found a 2005 Yukon that had some more miles but with all of the same bells and whistles but it also has GPS as well.  Since a Yukon is the step up brand in niceness from the Tahoe I can't complain much. So he is going to get it to his dealership and let us check it out this afternoon.  Heather is going to go with me because she has had a Suburban before and is looking to go back to one or the Yukon XL. 

If it all works out and Joel likes it then I have a felling we will buy it.  We would also be able to have it this weekend!!!

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